Web Applications

Our experienced Web Team specializes in developing seriously cool web applications.

Enterprise Portals

We are the open source experts on the Apache Portals platform and Jetspeed.

Cloud Ready

Bluesunrise apps are designed to run and scale in the cloud!

Supported by the Experts

Our expert team of open source developers are always there to support you.


Bluesunrise specializes in offering consulting services, software development, training and support contracts from experienced open source developers.

Enterprise and Developer Support

We provide 24x7 production support contracts for Apache Jetspeed with JIRA Issue tracking and guaranteed responses.

We provide Developer Support packages for teams needing expert consulting in developing their enterprise portal.


Need Jetspeed or Maven training? We are the Jetspeed experts! Extensive training courses are available for development teams.

Applications Development

We design and implement your project from inception to completion. Our team specializes in enterprise web applications with Jetspeed portals, and client-side full page apps with AngularJS and Meteor.

  • Enterprise Web Applications and Jetspeed Portals
  • Full Page Web apps with AngularJS
  • Responsive Web apps with Meteor
  • Mobile Apps with Cordova, and native Android and Blackberry


Bluesunrise delivers trusted solutions to our customers and partners based on our open source stack.

At Groundwork, we help develop a super cool monitoring application, using our J2EE (Java Enterprise), Portal, and SOA (Restful Services) skills.

A Single Page Web Application developed with Node.js and Angular, and deployed to the Amazon Cloud.

The MarvelIT Dashboard runs with an embedded Jetspeed Enterprise Portal built in.

Jetspeed Portal

Apache Jetspeed Enterprise Portal is 100% open source and industry standard.

Jetspeed - an Open Source Portal Stack

The Jetspeed Enterprise Portal Platform is an open-source project for creating your company portal. As a fully dependency-injected Spring application, Jetspeed makes rapid Enterprise Application Integration easy.

Built on Java Standards

Jetspeed adheres to many industry APIs and has supported the Java Portlet API from version 1.0 through the upcoming 3.0.

Bluesunrise and Jetspeed

Bluesunrise are the Jetspeed experts. Our team includes founders of the Jetspeed-2 project. Contact us to get started on a new Jetspeed project today.

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